Can People Picture Themselves There?

As a non-profit organization, you know who you are. You know what you do. You know why you do it. And you do a fairly decent job of communicating it.

But do you do a good job in helping your community envision themselves as part of your mission? Do they see how they fit in? Would they say their involvement with you fits within their lifestyles and values?

Chili’s is a great example of a company that is inviting their customers to share their stories about Chili’s through their ‘More Life Happens Here’ campaign.

The challenge to us in the non-profit sector is to inspire and motivate passionate people to be engaged in the community and do their part to make it better.


What are some creative ways that your organization could help people see themselves as engaged and active community members?

What makes you and your family feel like life is happening in a vibrant and loving community?

The purpose of The Other Bottom Line is to facilitate discussions that will help us all to better engage with our communities. Your participation and feedback are most welcomed and valued. Please join the discussion below.



  1. bulldog

    If there is one thing that inspires me it is to see individual charitable efforts being put to the public… seeing a person help another not because there is an organisation behind it but because that person just wants to help… that is how non profit organisations need to be seen… “wanting to help”
    There is one collector of funds for cancer research in this country that only pass on about 15 % of what they collect to the very people they say they are collecting for, the rest of the collected monies goes to running their organisation… I actually campaign against this company, as to me it is a total misrepresentation of what they say they stand for… show you are there to help and you will get the backing… because of Linda’s 3 cancers we donate direct to a research institute, and by pass this company.

    • theotherbottomline

      I hear of that kind of mistrust here as well. It does cost money to run an organization, I think we all know that and can accept that.

      Organizations need to be transparent about how donations are used. If they say money goes directly to research, that’s where it should go.

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