5 Ways To Keep Your Fire Lit


It is in our thoughts of unworthiness that we create a life that is out of harmony with what we truly desire.

If you’ve chosen to follow your heart and ended up in the non-profit sector, good for you!

Ask anyone in the non-profit sector why they do what they do and most will tell you they’re definitely not there for the money.

You will however hear that they can’t believe they get paid to do what they do, or that their work is more fulfilling than they ever could have imagined. They will tell you that they began this work to help others, but they have come to realize they get so much more from it than they give.

Sadly, even those that follow their heart and feel a calling to do what they do can get bogged down with thoughts of inadequacy.

Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. it’s our goal in life to find it and keep it lit. ~ Mary Lou Retton

Sometimes you need to re-visit your past successes to keep the fire burning. Here are 5 tips of intentional things you can do to keep your fire lit:

Set Goals. Not just quantitive, but qualitative goals such as, ‘I will work toward building bridges of understanding between departments, for example. Don’t just set the goals, track them.  Find a method that works for you. I like to use excel because of its sorting ability. On those days when I question my worth, I can sort by project, due date, status, etc., and I’m able to look back and see all I’ve accomplished.

Schedule time for the things that make you happy. We all have parts of our jobs that we love and parts that we’d be happy to give away. Hopefully there is enough of a balance between the two to keep you satisfied. Intentionally schedule the activities that make you happy into your work life. One of my favourite tasks is to call donors and say thank you. It always, always lifts my spirits!

Celebrate. It’s common in a busy work environment to move to the next thing after you’ve completed a project without taking time to celebrate. I used to have a boss who had a glass bell on her desk. Whenever a large donation came in, she would ring the bell. All of us would go to her office to celebrate the latest good news; high-fives all around.

Be generous and acknowledge others. This same bell-ringing boss would also give credit where credit was due. She acknowledged the roles we played to achieve our successes. Be grateful, and generous with praise, for your colleagues, mentors, family, etc.

Keep a Joy Journal. When something excellent or outstanding happens, write it into a joy journal. Capture the event and how it made you feel in that moment. Heck, why not keep it in an accessible spot for your whole team to read when they’re feeling low and to write their joyful moments in when they are celebrating successes? Share the Joy Journal at staff retreats ,or to reflect on the past year when planning for the future.

What are some of the ways you keep your fire lit?

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  1. Wyrd Smythe

    Excellent tips! I can think back to places I’ve worked and compare those that emphasized those kinds of things you mention with those that didn’t. Makes the difference between looking forward to work and dreading it.

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  3. this is lemonade

    Was in need of a booster and some inspiration today Diana, thanks! Love the idea of a joy journal and it’s true, we often get so bogged down with the endless to-do list we forget to celebrate the achievements along the way, not just for ourselves but in others too xx

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