Happy Canada Day!

Enjoying popcorn at Millennium Park, Calgary 2013

Enjoying popcorn at Millennium Park, Calgary 2013


Happy Canada Day to my fellow country men and women!

Today Canada celebrates its 147th birthday and although that’s really old in human years, in comparison to many other countries, Canada is quite young.

She’s a real beauty too; from BC’s breathtaking rain forests and majestic rocky mountains to the rugged landscape and wonder of Newfoundland – Labrador.

But looks aren’t everything, she’s got a great personality too; polite and friendly. And I’ve seen great acts of courage, gentle acts of kindness and every thing in between.

Today I’m reminded how grateful I am to live in Canada – the true north, strong and free.

Photo credit: 680News

Photo credit: 680News

What makes you grateful to be Canadian?

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  1. bulldog

    Went to your related article… No14..Canadians have more sex: According to a survey by condom-maker Durex, 59 per cent of Canadians say they have sex weekly, versus 53 per cent of Americans. (every body lies on this one… )
    20. We brave the cold better: Now that one I can believe…
    Justin Bieber,…. that one you can keep…
    45. We dominate hockey: … yep you love to fight on ice…
    Oh but you lot do love the Americans…. lol….

  2. Louise Gallagher

    People like you make me proud to be Canadian!

    Seriously? Canadians have more sex. Well, go figure. Must be the long dark winters. Oh. And the cold — that’s how we brave it better. 🙂

    Happy Canada Day Diana.

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