Why You Don’t Tell Your Story

You don’t say how you feel in case you’re pushed away. You could move mountains with the words you never say. ~ Mark Reeves, Leon’s Lounge from the album Takes a While to Get Like This

images3Last week I dusted off a CD I haven’t listened to in 20 years and was struck by the above line from the song Leon’s Lounge.

Essentially, the song is about people who have been hurt by love and are afraid to try again.

What if the person they care about doesn’t feel the same way about them?

What if they’re not good enough? Attractive enough? Witty enough to sustain a relationship?

What if they get hurt again?

Although the song is about personal relationships, it got me thinking about how non-profits are sometimes reluctant to tell their stories.

Just as with personal relationships, non-profits have their excuses for staying quiet.

  • They fear that no one will want to support the work they do
  • They feel pressure to drift from their mission to please funders
  • They have a sense that they are not the flavor of the month
  • They fear that if they don’t get their message out the right way, it will backfire and hurt them
  • The last time they tried, no one seemed to care or understand why they do what they do

The truth is your organization will never be attractive to everyone. But for those who believe in you and the work that you do, you are amazing.

Your success in fulfilling your organization’s mission depends on you getting your story out and stirring up a passionate response from those who believe in you.

You could move mountains with the words you never say.

What is your story. What prevents you from telling it?

The purpose of this blog is to facilitate discussions that will help us all to better engage with our communities. Your participation and feedback are most welcomed and valued. Please join the discussion below.



  1. Kristi

    I just absolutely love this post and “you could move mountains with the words you never say”…..what a powerful place to lead any organization. Thanks Diana!

  2. chaseharpole

    Right now, I am struggling to build a community for my own project Feeding Walid. Because of this struggle, I can’t help but over think how I get my message out there and I was hoping you might have some advice on how I can build this community and just stop over thinking what should be coming from the heart. Thanks so much!

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