So, What’s Your Story?

“Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.” – Robert McKee

untitled3SO YOU WANT TO GET PEOPLE EXCITED about your cause?

You want to ignite their passion?

You want their enthusiastic support?

Before you ply them with stats and pull out your reports and research, help them relate to your clients and your organization’s vision through stories.

Stories connect us and also have the power to transport us to places and situations we have not personally experienced, they bind us together emotionally to the rest of humanity.

One might not personally know how it feels to be homeless, for example, but we can all relate to how it feels to be helpless and alone.

Non-profits have an important story to tell their communities about the vital work they do. A well told story that includes donors and how they affect change with their generosity, inspires action.

Equally important, are the stories of donors and volunteers. Why they give, what their passions are; how they connect with the non-profits they support.

Our individual stories are threads, that combined with the stories of others, fit into a beautiful tapestry of the greater story of humanity.

Oh and by the way, keep those stats, reports and research handy for when your donors ask for more information.


what’s your story?

The purpose of this blog is to facilitate discussions that will help us all to better engage with our communities. Your participation and feedback are most welcomed and valued. Please join the discussion below.


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