Is Being Right Always Right?

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. — Mahatma Gandhi

untitledA global statement with personal application

In all our relationships there is one guarantee.  We will be let down and we will let someone else down in some way.

It could be a parent, a child, a spouse, a friend, a co-worker – regardless of who it is, each one will fail at some point.

Whether it’s intentional or not is irrelevant

This failure can take many forms including: betrayal, death, illness, criticism or selfishness.

The temptation to pay back the wrong can be strong

Left unchecked it can quickly build into a toxic situation

where those affected are so hurt and damaged

they’ll overreact to the smallest offence.

It becomes too hot to handle.

Maybe you can’t even remember how it started, or who started it.

Someone needs to be the first to offer their hand in peace.

Why not you?

If you must pay back why not…

pay back loyalty?

pay back generosity?

pay back encouragement?

pay back friendship?

pay back love?

Is being right really always right?

The purpose of this blog is to facilitate discussions that will help us all to better engage with our communities. Your participation and feedback are most welcomed and valued. Please join the discussion below.

*This article was originally posted June 2012 on TALK TO DIANA



  1. Louise Gallagher

    Love this conversation Diana. It’s in keeping with my post yesterday about the man in the parking lot. I had a choice to be gracious, or not. I fed the dark wolf.

    I love your idea of why not feed loyalty, generosity, encouragement…. So much more powerful and affirming. You are an example of creating the more you want to see in the world.<3

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