This blog is dedicated to those who work in the Non-Profit Sector and the wonderful communities that support their work.

With a focus on building relationships and making the best use of the time, talents and treasures of like-minded individuals united in fulfilling a Non-Profit’s mission, The Other Bottom Line will be the springboard to meaningful discussions about engaging communities.

The Other Bottom Line is born on the premise that although being fiscally viable is important, engaging with, and recognizing the valuable contributions of supporting people in our respective communities is equally important.

In fact, the latter is crucial to the success of the former.

Together we will explore who our community is, why our community is important, recognize and value the gifts brought to the table by people in our community and empower them to change the world by using their gifts.

We’ll talk about what it means to build relationships with community (staff, donors, volunteers and general public). We’ll talk about why it’s important for each community member to know how he/she fits into, and contributes to the organization’s mission.

I look forward to our journey together and growing engaged communities with you,

Diana Schwenk, Consultant

THE OTHER BOTTOM LINE empowers non-profit organizations to ignite the passion and solicit the support of their community.


  1. Dismoh

    Thanks for this post and community empowerment. Am Blogging about my community and trying to build relationship with donors, volunteers etc. Glad you mentioned that you’ll talk about it.

    Together we will explore who our community is, why our community is important, recognize and value the gifts brought to the table by people in our community
    and empower them to change the world …

  2. Kelly

    Hey Di, I’ve just been browsing around your site and have been reminded of many great times watching our budget be met by such loyal donors. As you know I haven’t been full swing at it for quite some time. Id love to hear some ideas on how people are integrating online fundraising into their portfolios.

    • The Other Bottom Line

      Hi Kelly,
      You make a very good point here. Although most donations are still coming in through the mail, we know that the next generation of donors will most likely donate on line.

      Organizations need to be thinking about what that looks like. It doesn’t have to be limited to a traditional letter. Video appeals might be the way to go. Just picture it. You get a 1-2 minute video in your inbox from the executive director with an ask. You also have the benefit of showing B-roll in the background of the people who are being helped. A thank you letter could be replaced with a video as well, including a personal thank you from a person who is benefitting from the program.

      Since good fundraising letters are written in a conversational style anyway, the transition may not be as difficult as we may think.

      StreetLevel Network has been sharing powerful first person videos in their Face-to-Face series; something like these could be adapted for fundraising. What do you think?

      Maybe a reader of this blog may also have some ideas to share.

      Thanks for stopping by Kelly and starting a much needed conversation with this question.


    • The Other Bottom Line

      Recently I read that overseas organization are engaging with donors through SKYPE and because of this they are able to get in on the work happening without having to travel! This has great potential as well.

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