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Consistency = Trust

I often hear people say, “Our messages are old, we need to think of something new and catchy.”

I get it. You are bored with putting out the same message day after day. You want something fresh, something exciting – something that will go viral! read more…


Why Do People Give To You?

I ONCE WORKED FOR AN ORGANIZATION WHERE 1/3 of our annual operating budget was raised in the month of December. Direct mail was one of the fundraising strategies we employed.

It wasn’t unusual to receive 200 pieces of mail in a single day; totaling tens of thousands in donations. read more…


A Donor Horror Story – Don’t Do This!

She’s a single parent, let’s call her Ann.

When her daughter Mary was 8 years old, they decided to sponsor a child in South America through a reputable organization. Together they chose a girl who was the same age as Mary. read more…

Take Care of Your People

Your organization is made up of living, breathing people.

  • Your Staff
  • Your Volunteers
  • Your Donors
  • Your Clients
  • Your Community

Building relationships and making the best use of the time, talents and treasures of your people, who are united in fulfilling your mission, is well worth your time. read more…

Mission Drift – Wishy Washy Doesn’t Wash with Folks

When you take your eyes off the prize, when you go along with popular opinion, when you compromise who you are to chase money and garner support, your foundation begins to crumble. It becomes increasingly difficult to engage your community in meaningful ways. Your closest relationships and your best fundraising practices cannot save you when you stray from your mission. Wishy-washy doesn’t wash with folks. read more…


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